Since the first subway was put into use in London more than 150 years ago, it has become an essential means of transportation for modern life. Booming voices, shoulder-to-shoulder, crowded and noisy are the common impressions of subway stations. However, there are many artistic subway stations in Europe. These station buildings truly serve the daily lives of ordinary people, and they are worth a stop.

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Toledo Metro Station, Naples, Italy

The Toledo Metro Station opened in 2012 and was named the most beautiful metro station in Europe by the British Daily Telegraph that year. It is located on Line 1 of the Naples Metro, the first station on this line. Artist Robert Wilson's works on the theme of water and light transform this subway station into a gleaming artwork. The Toledo Metro Station is one of the stations of the Art Metro Station project promoted by the city of Naples. The project covers metro stations on Metro Line 1 and Metro Line 6 of Naples. More than 180 works have been contributed by more than 90 artists. If you are interested, you can follow the map to explore these underground artworks.

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Komsomolskaya Metro Station, Moscow, Russia

The Komsomolskaya Metro Station opened in 1952. It is located in Komsomolskaya Square, adjacent to the largest transportation hub in Moscow, and is the busiest and the most magnificent subway station in Russia. Entering here is like entering a royal palace. 68 marble pillars support the Baroque dome. Under the gorgeous background of crystal chandeliers, the 8 mosaic mosaic paintings on the dome face the bustling crowd, telling the stories of heroes in Russian history. The opening of the subway happened during the reconstruction period after World War II, so the style of the entire subway station reflected the attitude of the Russians in pursuit of national freedom and national independence.

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Kungsträdgården Metro Station, Stockholm Sweden

Sculptures, paintings, mosaics, and all kinds of installation art - Stockholm’s subway network is a huge underground art gallery. More than 90 of the 110 subway stations in the city showcase the fantastic ideas of more than 150 artists, making every station a bizarre cave. King’s Garden Station is located in the city centre. The main colors of this station are black, white, red, and green. The lively and eye-catching design reinterprets the King’s Garden where the subway is located. A relic of the century, this is a must-see stop for Stockholm’s "Metro Art Tour".

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Arts et Métiers Metro Station, Paris, France

If you are a science fiction fan, then you must go to the Art Museum Station in Paris. This subway station is named after the adjacent arts and crafts museum. It opened in 1904 and was renovated in 1994 with the inspiration of French writer Verne, the father of modern science fiction. Brass-toned walls, seats, hanging windows on both sides, gear ceilings, futuristic refracted lights, and the full-body steam industry style make you feel like entering a submarine, ready to start a science fiction journey. Metro Line 3 and Line 11 pass through this station at the same time. If you come here, remember to go to the station of Line 11, this is where the wonderful design is.

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Westminster Tube Station, London, United Kingdom

The London Underground has always maintained a distinctive British style and is an important landmark for experiencing British culture. But Westminster Underground Station may change your past impression of London Underground Stations. This subway station is located in the heart of London. Above ground is the seat of the historic British Parliament, but when it goes underground, it has a futuristic style of reinforced concrete. When you take the escalator down, the view is a whole body of stainless steel, the original pattern of concrete columns criss-crossed, supporting the open platform space. What you can hear is the pure London accent, where tradition and modernity are wonderfully blended.

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